21st August 2016

Subcontracting products or services

Subcontracting in Vietnam is widely used in several industries like mechanical construction, assembly, textile, furniture but also in software, imaging and media creation industries. Once again, main benefits and challenges are similar to Sourcing activities.

In subcontracting cases the capacity of reading english documents and to communicate with the customer becomes also essential for the succesful fulfillment of the order.

Sometimes also material choices can be a challenge, we have noted that some common material sizes might not be readily available. Therefore the approach of FinnSEA in subcontracting searches is more detailed than sourcing projects and needs more cooperation with customer. However, the objective is same, to locate the best subcontractor and facilitate the process.

That is why FINNSEA proposes it’s services in this sector, we have the competencies needed from understanding the manufacturing environment in developed countries to understanding the local legal and infrastructure environment, including the relationship to local authorities. We are happy to tell you more about our services and draft you a possible roadmap to successfully subcontract in VietNam.