21st August 2016

Sourcing products and services

Sourcing from Vietnam has become more and more popular due wide availability of manual workforce and cost effective environment. New weekly sea routes directly from Vietnam to main European ports have decreased the transport time significantly. One of the key challenges remains the fact that the production is scattered in wide region and is difficult to reach without local presence.

Also web-presence is not wide enough, English skills are limited and good quality business directories does not exist. All this makes it impossible to locate the best options from abroad by web searches, only a good network in Vietnam can help tooptimize the result for Customer needs.

FINNSEA can act as your Sourcing Agent in VietNam either through a single assignment from sourcing to first production orders or continuously on a monthly fee based part-time agent.

We are happy to tell you more about our services and draft you a roadmap to successfully establishing sourcing in VietNam.