21st August 2016


Vietnam presents an important possibility for low cost manufacturing and sourcing. While East China has slowly lost it competitiveness due increasing labor cost and has become more and more high volume, low mix manufacturing country,Vietnam still offer the flexibility of low volume, high mix production and competitive overall cost level.

If you need to find good sourcing, subcontracting suppliers, independently of your industry, the fastest way is to contact FinnSEA and let us to do the footwork, benchmark the best candidates after which you spend your visit time efficiently with qualified contacts.

As a third party consultant, we do not have family or relatives ties, nor other commercial interests which would lead us to biased information and not selecting the best choice for the customer. Based on your needs, we will activate our network, interview the Partner candidates, benchmark them and finally arrange your meeting schedule and our local consultant will support you during the meetings.

Having seen several bad results for Sourcing, we strongly believe our concept is the best for Customer.


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