21st August 2016

Implement your market entry

In this phase it is time to establish your presence in the selected market. All the prework is done, entry strategy and options selected, product/service is fine tuned for selected market. The main options for entry are as follows:

  1. Having a Distributor/Representative (specially SME’s choice)
  2. Direct Sales, from your country (Project type sales)
  3. Setting up your own company (demands substantial investment)
  4. Being part of Export Group (joint Export Manager in target country for 4 companies)

The partner search service involves searching the best suitable partner for your project and think out a co-operation model that will be a success for you entry on the Vietnamese market. Together we will determine the rules for a beneficial collaboration and plan next coming steps, manage risks and ensure collaborations starts at the scheduled time. To select a suitable partner and safeguard that both parties will benefit from the co-operation is a major step in your implementation on the new market. Nobody wants to discover later on that the selected company for the collaboration doesn’t finally match your company requisites and thus your co-operation is starting in late or starting slowly.

  • By being your partner in this process we will work closely with you on the following phases:
  • We determine and evaluate the potential candidates for your co-operation targets and we help you to choose the most suitable one for your company.
  • We set up interview sessions with your potential candidates for co-operation and ensure follow up meeting in accordance with your requests.
  • To make sure your co-operation is a success, we will blueprint for your company a combined package and prepare following phases.
  • Using our partner search services will avert any avoidable risks, surprise or delay in establishing your cooperation.