21st August 2016

Are you ready to go International?

The International Growth Plan (IGP) is the first brick of your expansion making sure that all the prerequisites for a successful expansion to international markets are in place. Your company needs financial and human resources, commitment of the management and a clear view of the objectives.

Without a good plan, the Internationalization of your company will be  slower and more costly. Doing things through trial and error or  with the help of non-professional advisors (ie. relatives, students, friends) can lead to serious consequences, even running your company down due wrong investments.

Our aim is to help you to determine the right segment to target for your company, unveil your true competitive advantage, portray obviously to your customers what value added your company can bring for them, and finally find the proper and most efficient method of market entry.

By being your partner in this process we will work closely with you on the following phases:

  1. We analyze your company initial position (Products, People, Value Proposal) and establish prerequisites to your expansion
  2. We analyse your competitive advantage  in the targeted market and the value added you can bring customers
  3. Together we plan how your market entry will be a success with a minimum of investment