21st August 2016

Accelerate your existing sales

Your current markets needs to be boosted? Why not use our experience to boost your sales and give new growth to existing business? With our sales accelerator service we will help your company to remove bottlenecks and enhance your existing networks. We will help you to determine are your slow sales caused by your actual partner or does it need more work and some improvement and save on some resources to generate a higher cash flow from your activities.

Making your Partner networks work in an efficient manner is always a big challenge. It even happens that for some partners they won’t never sell anything for you even you thought they were good partners. Finding out and cleaning the bottlenecks that stuck your business but also take appropriates actions to remove them is usually a cheaper option rather than looking for a new partner.

Our sales accelerator can be also used in order to stimulate direct exports for your company or overseas partner.

By being your partner in this process we will work closely with you on the following phases:

  • We examine are your resources sufficient to control your partner networks.
  • We review and evaluate your actual partners to find out are they relevant for your business.
  • We figure out that does your partner consider you as an attractive companion and decent of commitment.
  • We analyze our results and give your recommendations whether the next step in your partnership.


Is your business looking for a potential acquisition? We can help you with our Acquisition candidate search service by finding a proper target and verify it is worth of it.

When looking for potential acquisition, it is very important to target the right company to acquire in order for your company to avoid frustration and loss of time and money.  We will prepare comparisons, deliberate and finally give you an complete evaluation of your potential target, this helping you in your final decision.

By being your partner in this process we will work closely with you on the following phases:

  • We analyze your company needs and your specifications.
  • We dig out potential targets and gauge their appropriateness for your needs.
  • We meet and discuss with your potential candidates to confirm suitability and gauge determine their interest in your business.