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Market Entry Services

Internationalization is not something to be taken easy, only a planned roadmap combined with sufficient resources and the right partner will be the key of your success on markets that you are new on. At FinnSEA, we understand that conquering a new market can be exciting, needed, or even intimidating but going blind and without experience can lead to situations where lot of resources have been consumed for a very little or any results. This is why, with our team of seasoned professional consultants, we develop continuously tailor-made turnkey solutions that fit different companies needs to ensure them a successful market entry solution.

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Market Sourcing Services

Sourcing from Vietnam has become more and more popular due wide availability of manual workforce and cost effective environment. However, one of the key challenges remains the fact that the production is scattered in wide region and is difficult to reach without local presence. Subcontracting in Vietnam is widely used in several industries like mechanical construction, assembly, textile, furniture but also in software, imaging and media creation industries. Once again, main benefits and challenges are similar to Sourcing activities. Starting the manufacturing in VietNam is a choice which many companies only dream about. The task is not easy but not extremely complicated neither. It takes time and patience, like in every developing country, but it also needs a presence to be able to advance the project.

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Sales Services

Sometimes a company doesn’t want to set up their own presence in the market. Maybe you want first test the demand ? Perhaps you want to have your own local sales team in place but you dont want to invest in full time Sales Management ? Still you need to be sure that your staff is kept busy and making sales. Rent a part time Sales Person or Sales Manager. We will provide you a part time native Sales Person from our local salesteams. The necessary sales actions would be carried out in our guidance in order to achieve the objectives fixed in the beginning of the mission. You can rent a staff from one day/month to full-time hosted service.

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Other Operative Services

Company Set Up…Office Services…HR Services…F2F meetings support…Delegations support…Seminar support…Short Term Office rental and other local support our customers need, read appropriate pages by clicking above picture.

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Start-Up Acceleration and Funding

FinnSEA and Wedidit Solutions operate Catapult Accelerator providing customized training for Vietnamese start-ups aiming for international markets. The programme is funded by the joint Finnish-Vietnamese innovation development support, Innovation Partnership Program ( More detailed information about our acceleration program and other activities can be found at

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FINNSEA is a multiservice consulting company located in Finland and Vietnam. Our aim is to help companies to grow in the international markets by providing internationalization services starting from the first steps of selecting the right markets up to establishing presence in the selected markets. FINNSEA is a member of local consortium consisting of internationalization consultants having deep ties to Finnish businesses. Our Partners have been providing services to Finnish customers since several years in their respective countries and continue to work closely with Finnish businesses. If your company is looking to expand its business to Asia or Oceania, we can assist you to develop your roadmap and support your operative actions. Our competent consulting teams will guarantee a successful market entry by selecting the right entry modes and partners, thus minimizing the costs and maximizing the results. Our experienced consultants have the needed networks and knowledge of the business environment and their local presence is a significant advantage for any activities our customers solicit from us. For more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

  • Market Analysis, Entry Strategy and Options, Partner Search and Qualification

  • Supplier Mapping, Evaluation and Selection, Quality and Progress Survey, Final Inspection

  • Customer Mapping, Meeting Arrangements, Sales Activites, Representation

  • Company setup, Manufacturing and Outsourcing setup, Seminars, HR Services


Claudio Karjalainen

Head of Regional Operations, Vietnam Catapult Accelerator Co-founder Finnpartnership spotting
Graduated with a Master in Finance, Claudio has acquired over the past years a keen understanding of the stakes for a company when it comes to investments. He is responsible for our team in Vietnam. Claudio speaks fluently French, English and Finnish.

Pietro Karjalainen

CEO, Leading Consultant, Vietnam & Finland Catapult Accelerator Co-founder
Pietro Karjalainen has over 30 years’ experience in international business from sales, marketing and management functions. Since 2008, he has been specializing in Asian region, spending 4 years in VietNam as Finpro Country Manager. Pietro speaks fluently Finnish, French, English and Swedish

Kaija Keijola

Senior Sales Consultant, Finland
Kaija has served in management positions in international IT companies in the business development, sales and supply organizations over 30 years. In addition, she has worked as an independent consultant in the UK and Finland. Kaija speaks native Finnish, English fluently and good Swedish.

Robert Karjalainen

Digital Marketing, FinnSEA and Catapult Accelerator
Robert supports us on the marketing activities but his main activity is running as CEO Dasiak Ltd ( Dasiak is the exclusive importer of Saku Kiss Ciders and other brands in Vietnam.

Trinh Truong

Junior Analyst and Finnpartnership support

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